Rebuilding a Legacy

My husband Felipe Rojas and I had a great talk with our sons last week  about the importance of them understanding the value of being men, Afro- Latino, and Christian. The responsibility to be and manage a heart of gratitude. This came as a result of watching a segment of the television show “The View” on Martin Luther King Jr, birthday.

In the segment Sonny Hostin shared that her father shared that her generation , she’s 49, was the first generation with full rights in America. This got me asking the question what is missing in the African American community that familial legacies are being slaughtered off. Then the my answer came with one simple thought. Our ancestors fought with the Hope of freedom and now we have to continue building on that legacy that was started with HOPE and GRATITUDE.

rebuilding a legacy

HOPE and GRATITUDE to strong powerful words that help shape character and dreams. HOPE  meaning the feeling or expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. GRATITUDE meaning the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for to return kindness.  Both words inspired me  along with my husband to have the conversation with our boys. We needed to share the value of our past family patriarchs and the responsibility of all of us currently living to carry the torch.

We discussed the struggle of leaders from both the Mexican and African American heritage struggle for equality and the importance to understand the strengths and struggles of the men of Rojas, Orta, Whigham, Parker families.

We explained that the older generation fought for their rights in Mexico and America everyday by working hard. We shared that both sides of the families had farming in their legacy and some where even entreprenuer. 

We explained that now that the foundation was laid by their great great grandparents using HOPE that they will need to use GRATITUDE and HOPE to continue to move forward as representatives of the 4 families and Christ.

Excited and Nervous always praying seeds are planted .  We can rebuild our legacy and we will do just that with HOPE and GRATITUDE.
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