My First Love ( Personal Scripture)

Good Morning Friends

I wanted to share my words of encouragement this week in a photo. It came to me that 

  • one people like visuals 
  • two I need to demonstrate solidarity  

so this is what the Lord dropped in my spirit this week

Remember he confirmed somethings for me a couple of weeks ago about where, how, and what he had purposed and prepared me to do. This made it clear to me that my health spiritually, emotionally and physically are important because my life manual the word of God instructs me to treat my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit. I also needed to take care of me to carrying out my life mission. 

I can’t harbour and live with any negative emotion or thought. The fact that the Lord presented this to me let me know even if I don’t feel jealousy currently I may still struggle if current situations change. 

This scripture came to me and I was confused but must confess it isn’t as if I never experience jealousy.

My focus this week is on my spiritual and emotional health which can ultimately effect my physical health.

So I confess publicly feeling jealousy of others, having covetous thoughts and speaking negative about people who may have achieved what I felt I deserved.

That feels a lot better and a lot more free.

Did you find your word, phrase, scripture yet?

Here is what I wake up to each day this week. Excuse the handwriting 🙂


#youmatter #healthylivingiskingdomliving

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